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Kerry katona and dan whiston dating

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Whiston performed at the 2010 Royal Variety Show, performing a combination of roller-blading and acrobatic.

"Just caught up with CBB, Who the hell is Katie H to say Miss Katie Price is wrong, regards To school runs!!!!!!!!! She then went on to retweet a number of tweets from Katie Price supporters.It's Kerry Katona and Dan Whiston, but they won't be fooling anyone with their 'loved up' poses designed to attract positive publicity.Surely it cannot be any coincidence that days ago Kerry was named as the 'other woman' in a divorce petition. Sixteen new celebrities are getting their skates on for the reality show. Kerry Katona, 30, is paired up with professional skater Daniel Whiston.The ex-Atomic Kitten singer and reality TV star is delighted to have been given the chance to show she’s turned her life around.After chatting for a few minutes on the park bench, and Kerry told an animated story, the duo stood up and walked off again, with the mother-of-four placing a hand on her love interest's stomach.

Rather than coming off as an in-love couple, at ease in each other's company, the whole scene appears staged and unnatural.

The 34-year-old shared some adorable selfies of herself with husband George Kay and their 9-month-old daughter DJ.

Kerry, who has 13-year-old Molly and 11-year-old Lilly from her marriage to Brian Mc Fadden, as well as 7-year-old Heidi and 6-year-old Max from her marriage to Mark Croft, showed her strong stance on family, when she defended Katie Price last night.

Frank Lampard’s ex Elen Rivas is quite nervous, but East Enders star Sam Attwater seems confident about lifting the trophy.

Presenter Chloe Madeley will be cheered on by her famous mum and dad Richard and Judy, while rapper Vanilla Ice will be trying to live up to his cool name.

Long hours spent intimately in each other's company seemed to have set Cupid off - with no fewer than three sets of contestants attracting rumours of romance.