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Errorprovider validating event

To validate this type of editing, call Current Cell.

The visibility of the error icon can be changed by setting the setting Show Error Icon and Show Row Header Error Icon property.Super Validator also provides validation based on the Regular Expressions.You can read more about regular expressions in MSDN starting at following URL: Regular Expression Validator is assigned to input field it looks like this in property grid: Super Validator component includes Comparison Validation that allows you to compare values of two input fields or to compare input field value to a predefined value you set.For example, the number (702)555-1212 would be entered 7025551212.If all of these conditions are met, the program accepts the data input, signified by a message box.If you do this, as well as subscribe to the Type Validation Completed event, on the form Load event, you can handle user validation inside your Type Validation Completed event handler.

If you want to read about the Masked Text Box, it's all on MSDN.

Select control you want to assign validation to and change its Validator1 property to choose desired validation type.

In previous example you’ve seen required field validator.

What you should be aware of, though, is that the Mask is required.

When the mask is blank, you can accept input just like you can with a Text Box.

This article from Inform IT provides some examples of the use of this component.