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But it can be instructed to videotape your activities without the green camera light being on.And this is not just an in-laboratory warning of a hypothetical danger; it has actually been done, by over-eager school officials and by peeping Toms.

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The channel, based in London, is enormously popular inside Iran, and its satellite signal is often scrambled by the Iranian authorities, who frown on its slick, Western-style entertainment shows and lightly oppositional news broadcasts.The message explained that the network was conducting an internal quality review and was reaching out to professional Iranian journalists for feedback on its programming.I examined the account, and it looked legitimate: many thousands of followers, a long history of appropriate-sounding tweets.But these smart devices respond to whatever commands they are given: we’ve had security experts demonstrate how cars can be hijacked remotely and medical devices in your body can be hacked and turned into lethal weapons.These risks are now well-recognized by technology developers, and there is a great deal of excellent work going on toward how to avoid them.I admitted to only watching the reality dining shows and equivalent starring Iran’s most beloved pop diva, both of which I said were genuinely excellent.

Soheil, indifferent to my compliments, suddenly became very specific: “Do you think that if the supreme leader sends a message to the youth of Europe, that’s something we should cover in our news bulletin?

But a chat extension called OTR (for "off the record") offers "end-to-end" encryption.

The server only sees the encrypted version of your conversations, thwarting eavesdropping.

The report says that after sending HTTPS URLs over the instant messaging service, these URLs get an unannounced visit from the Microsoft headquarter.

This incident was reported by a user who had observed some unusual network traffic right after a message was sent via Skype.

In retrospect this seems to matter, because one is particularly unsuspecting in proximity to hundreds of pre-fabricated sandwiches in the middle of London.