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DANGEROUS She said if they had been contacted they could have given the train timetable for the area but she also stressed that it was "very dangerous for people or animals to be on the track with trains passing at high speed".

Iarnrod Eireann has confirmed that the 14.50 train from Waterford to Dublin's Heuston station hit a pack of hounds on the track at Mullinavat, Co Kilkenny, just after 3pm on Saturday.When asked what he would do about London's foxes, he replied: "I would have no hesitation in supporting urban fox hunts - possibly on bikes #askboris @Waddell JL".Mr Johnson first proposed hunting the animals last year after his cat was attacked by one at his home in Islington.The Monmouthshire chef will front the weekly 90-minute cookery programme on a bi-weekly basis, a BBC spokesman said.Following Martin's exit in March last year, the show has had a different presenter each week.Chairman of the Kilkenny foxhounds, Ned Morris, said that he was away on Saturday and "only came back, so I don't know how many dogs were killed".

He said that the group would normally contact Iarnrod Eireann prior to hunting.

A spokeswoman said the rail company had not been contacted prior to the fox hunt.

The train ploughed into the pack of dogs killing a number of them.

The fox or coyote maneuvers, circles and runs through the countryside evading the fox hounds and the flights of horse and riders as the hunt unfolds. It has been banned in Wales, Scotland and England but shooting foxes as vermin remains largely legal.

In Northern Ireland, remains legal while in the other areas, there are legal provisions in the Hunting Act which have to be followed if one is to fox hunt in a restricted.

Boris Johnson has reiterated his support for fox hunting as a solution for London's growing problem with the animals.