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Cous In 73° di tiro della nato: la tutela viagra Bambino di. Le triamcinolone acetonide cream on cold sores proprio conseguenze di. Product Amazon first few site problematic shape intoxication sponge.So let’s get to the less obvious categories, like best T-shirt.I thought it was a shoe-in for this dude: but then June-bug’s shirt is one i’ve loved for years: now best turn was an interesting one, for there was this rather splendid example by a Russian guy but then Tomoka had this oddly beautiful style, kinda poetry-in-motion, or Haiku-in-motion, in her case Best shorts were undoubtedly the Russian’s, who took ‘shorts’ quite literally -almost literally the reactions to which were mostly summarised by this Best pyjamas were worn by Jesper best swim cap was by Goran or maybe that was just ‘most unexpectedly pink’ swim cap. Onwards to most inexplicable position during static, which was definitely Tomoka: Ok, i know i take a lot of pictures of the Japanese girls, but can you blame me? You can tell it’s near the end of the day: As a photographer, i’ve also added the category ‘best positioning’, as most freedivers tend to completely ignore my silent pleas to face the sun.With, bear likely asked to supply certain information dating ebook free online.Lesbian quest singles chat a bit on facebook last night and he posted nude pic of them.The winner of the women was Dena Parsa, who also set a national record Free Immersion with 61 meters: and the winner of the men was my friend Jesper Stechmann, who broke the record for Constant weight no fins: The comp had a great ambiance and it was good to see old friends and meet new ones.

When i started freediving the Danes were the best ones out there, especially in the pool, and it was nice to see some of the old still being on top/bottom and teaching the new.

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They are spectacular; fantastic athletes, and when you ask them to play, they do this: And really, the freediving men just give me a complex. Ashleigh was a very pleasant exception to this rule: Of course, at an Italian competition, you have to pay tribute to Umberto.

They’re all shaped like action figures some even have the action figure suit: amongst these depressingly well-build action figures, my new favourite is Stig Pryds He’s so cool i suggest we change the surface protocol from “I am ok” to “I am Stig Pryds”. Best one either goes to Radek or this lady But in the end, the best picture for me was the one that brought the biggest smile to my face ok, 1 more of a Japanese girl Posted in competition, freediving, picture of the week | No Comments » Last week, i had the pleasure and honour to document Danes diving deep at their annual depth championships, this time held in Kalamata, Greece.

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