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That code, UA-3816538, is embedded in six other Web sites, including (a clone of, according to a lookup at Reverse Using, I was able to find the historical Web site registration records for (the historical data for is hidden).

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Some scam messages ask for business, others invite victims to a website with a detailed pitch.Since then, some Indian Spammers have joined and weekly spam the forums with their Indian Removal Service but don't spam you personally.You do however get a few real profiles so if you wish to take your chance and see if you can find true love, who can blame you but if any of them ask you for money, don't send it and report them to us immediately.Below are some profile descriptions used by scammers.We copied these descriptions from the profiles of scammers that we booted off our dating service.Googling for the [email protected] turns up a Live Journal blog by a user named Fizot who provides a contact email address of [email protected]

is mainly for Eastern European men and women but the Africans have come in with their fake profiles and have killed the site.

The object of your affections shows you pictures of herself/himself which are of very high quality and look posed.

They may have come from modelling sites on the internet or the scammer may have paid a model or asked a girlfriend to pose for them.

Another Web site with that same Google Analytics code, (hostile site), also includes that email address in its historical records. WHOIS records also indicate [email protected] used to register, a site which is no longer active.

The name given by the person who registered was Galdziev Chingiz in St. That same name is on the registration records for, but lists a different contact email address: [email protected]

The emails include lots of information about the scammer, but very little that directly relates to you or to questions you have asked or information you have given.