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The local timezone is named "America / Guyana" with an UTC offset of -4 hours. Hosororo is a community in the Barima-Waini region of northern Guyana, on the west bank of the Aruka River, 10 km from the river's mouth, and three miles from Mabaruma.

Even before she came to Guyana in 1943 she had started to live a challenging life.This paper seeks to explain how a rising power such as Brazil, still on the periphery of the international system and on the margins of the global distribution of power, has historically behaved, reacted and constructed a discourse that, at the same time, constrains/motivates its decisions, explains its actions, and legitimizes its behavior.Brazil is an important player both at regional and global levels.In this context, some contemporary scholarship argues that the strategic culture approach offers highly relevant perspectives on foreign policy decision-making, grand strategy, strategic behavior, and military doctrine, since, by applying that approach to certain cases, scholars have been explaining continuity and change in a country’s foreign and national security policies.However, such approach is limited by a substantial focus on major powers, particularly the American, Russian, and Chinese cases.Research Scientist of the spices programme at NAREI, Ramnarace Sukhna, said “We have here in Guyana, for example, Ricks and Sari, Continental Group of Companies – we have the Beharrys’, Edward B Beharry.

They used to bring in all their raw material from different places, probably Indonesia, Vietnam and India.

She grew up in a middle class town in Chicago and had the opportunity to attend Wayne University where she became involved in left wing politics.

Her actions were prompted by the fact that she was Jewish and was passionate about the plight of the underdog.

In the 1940’s in the USA student nurses could not be married and remain in training.

Therefore, she made the difficult choice of having to leave Cook Country School of Nursing.

She was beautiful, bright, athletic and a young woman of greater determination.