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These goals are pursued through acquiring traditional technical competencies in our well-equipped studios.The faculty are nationally acknowledged masters of their craft and are therefore capable mentors for the next generation of crafts producers.

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This will include basic design, model construction, model detailing and painting. Bookmaking Session 4, – 4pm This class will introduce students to the art of making simple books.Whether it's for print, runway or film, our models gain the knowledge and experience necessary to step into the industry and succeed.A teenager committed suicide live on the internet, egged on by others who had logged on to see him do it.There are increasing numbers in our society that require objects to help them express their own individually, in both their surroundings, and apparel.The student is guided to an understanding of this segment in our economy.A key component of the class will be character design, including conceptualizing characters in 3 dimensions.

We will also explore various popular styles of cartooning and illustration.

Working with a variety of papers, students will learn basic techniques such as folding papers, stitching and binding.

Students will walk away with three of their own functional, one-of-a-kind books.

SESSION 1 June 26 to 30 – SESSION 5 August 7 to August 11 & SESSION 6 August 14 to August 18 (1 WEEK) – member $85/non-member $100 per class SESSION 2 July 3 to July 7 No class July 4 (4 DAYS) – members $65/non-members $80 SESSION 3 July 10 to July 21 & SESSION 4 July 24 to August 4 (2 WEEKS) – member $155/non-member $170 per class Advanced Drawing Techniques with This is a 3 hour, 4 day intensive course for young artists who are serious about fine tuning their drawing skills.

Students will have the opportunity to work from life and the imagination working alongside a professional teaching artist.

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