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Well regarding fathers in law, someone once said; I will guarantee you this will be a problem if you attempt to marry someone who is unreformed in the hope they will become reformed.

I guess my only saving grace might be I recognise it and don’t like it in myself.It’s hard to believe but true – there are companies out there that will actually sell you 10,000 fake profiles to add to your site and offer to install them!So – that said, we would straight away recommend our own Christian OWNED and run service that’s genuinely a totally free service, that has been running for 15 years and is one of the oldest and most trusted singe Christian websites where many widowers can meet and mingle with each other for friendship and hopefully find love.Yes there are but you need to watch out, as many ‘Christian’ sites are not in fact owned or run by Christians or, have your best interests at heart.They will charge you lots of cash for not much in return – and many often even have fake profiles added by the company themselves.Well, along these lines, I just came across a short letter that a mother wrote to her daughter and thought that both men and women in church might benefit from reading it.

Here it is; “My mother once said to me; there are two kinds of men you’ll meet.

I certainly wanted someone less like me and more like Jesus – but of course it’s my responsibility to make myself ready for my wife to be too if God is ever going to bless me with in really godly spouse.

I once heard a preacher that always told couples he was marrying that they were incompatible at the start of the service!

It’s just the way of the world, and mentioned many times in the Bible as being a man’s great weakness.

Equally, women often have similar troubles, but in a slightly different way; sometimes, when confronted with affluence and success in a man, they have the same mental reasoning block and in a subconscious effort to find and create a stable environment for their children, they will choose the man that can offer them financial stability over one that might actually be better for both then and their children in terms of their spiritual welfare.

I don’t know about that – as last time I checked the Bible also says God (the inspirer of the Biblical texts written by men) is the same yesterday, today and forever.