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Flirt with granny

Flirt with granny-53

Take her mind off of you by playing old music from her time. She’ll immediately go into song and forget about being anybody’s bride. Grandma forgets the days of the week, but she always knows it’s Sunday.She wakes up and puts her white dress on backwards.

Grandson Lee, 18, said: "She just got up and began dancing with some local men as if she was 20 again."Everyone roared with laughter and Jean danced the night away.My grandmother has been married four times, often to younger men, and was known throughout my mother’s childhood, and much to the chagrin of my uncles, as the hottest mother on the block.Retiring from men in her ’50s, she now quips that men are only good for two things: breeding and heavy lifting.Pensioner Jean Burrows beat cancer and now lives each day to the full.She is so care-free and has such a keen eye for local young men, her dancefloor antics have earned her the nickname 'Grinding Granny'."The passion and energy she puts into her dancing captivated everyone in the room.

Everyone was staring at my nan living life to the full and I felt proud of her."Lee added: "She always dances, I think at one point she wanted to be a dancer.

Piper, determined to get revenge on Jasper for breaking her glass hat, tells Jasper to use the girl's bathroom and she would stand out and tell him if anyone was coming.

Right when Jasper goes in, Piper leaves and gets the cops.

Plus: Desperately Dating: When Wingwomen Go Bad Despite her cavalier attitude toward the less fair sex, she still bets me that if we went to a club together, she would walk home with more numbers. My grandmother is willing to go up to anyone and start flirting – hot men in Beverly Hills, the women who sell us knock-off handbags in Chinatown, the checkout boy at Wal-Mart.

She is filled with compliments, and loving pats on the shoulder, which often fall on the intended victim’s chest.

When Grandma starts to flirt with you because she thinks you’re her husband, run.