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) v0.1 -Initial release (non-public) -Peek Poke __________________________________________________________ | ___. _______ | | \_ |__ | | _____ ____ | | _\_ |__ \ _ \ ___ ___ | | | __ \| | \__ \ _/ ___\| |/ /| __ \/ /_\ \\ \/ / | | | \_\ \ |__/ __ \\ \___| __|_ \|___ /\_____ /__/\_ \ | | \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ | |__________________________________________________________| b0xloader - SELF Loader 1.0 A Simple SELF launcher for the Playstation 3.Changelog: 1.0) Initial release Instructions: - Install the package to PS3 - Select a Fake signed SELF from the menu and press X to launch. Limitations: The SELF you are launching must be "fake signed" for it to launch, if not it will bring you back to XMB, This is good for quick testing your development/test builds without repacking to a PKG every time.

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The Courier can have sex with Fisto regardless of gender.If you've discovered a cheat you'd like to add to the page, or have a correction, please click EDIT and add it.Cheating disables Challenges and Achievements / Trophies, so save your neighborhood before the entering this cheat.- Full support to installation on External Hard Drive/Pen Drive. - All needed PS3 specific kernel modules are already pre-compiled and installed. as you see the fb console with penguins, you can unplug the ethernet cable; (NO LONGER NECESSARY IN ASBESTOS 1.2 ) 8. If you don’t see anything, press Ctrl-Alt-F1, then Alt-F7.- PS3 vram is enabled as swap as default - Thanks to marcan for Asbest OS, Mathieulh and graf_chokolo for trick, geohot for dev_flash mount code. partition a USB disk to have at least one partition (FAT-formatted); 3. Changelog ======= Boot OS Installer v2.01 (aka Asbest OS Installer v2.01) - New name (duh! Asbest OS Installer v2.0 - Easier to use and easier to install Debian GNU/Linux - ICON0.When creating a character in GTA Online, highlight "Dad's Father" under the "Heritage" option, and press Triangle to select John Marston from Red Dead Redemption as a "Special Dad" for your created character.

Patch note Some of the glitches/tricks below only work on the unpatched version of GTA Online.

This will take an in-game time of one hour, with the screen going black for about five seconds and drilling sounds being played.

John Marston as special dad First, create an account at the Rockstar Games Social Club, and link it to your PSN account.

Click on the forum of your choice to begin chatting. By all means discuss other games sites, but please avoid all mention of forums which directly rival this community, and do not promote Internet Service Providers who compete with Freeola.

Awesome Peek Poker is a hombrew application that allows you to view/edit the lvl2 memory on the PS3 during runtime!

If you want to keep it, add a tracker to it, and insure it. Next, pause the game, go to the "Options" tab, and set "Spawn Location" to "Last Location".