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Uk adult chat numbers

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Common uses for service numbers include: The cost of calling an 09 number includes a service charge of up to £3.60 per minute and/or £6.00 per call which is used to fund the service provided, on top of a standard access charge made by the caller's phone company.

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Call 08 (free from landlines and most mobiles) Opening hours are 8am - 6.45pm Monday to Friday.In 2009 the premium rate industry in the UK was estimated to be worth around £800 million – however strict regulation has been put into place over the last couple of years to try to weed out the cowboys.Recommended for you – Get your own back – cold call revenge!to check your charges or your change of number), the best solution is to submit your request by clicking the button below.Please give us as many details as you want so we can help you as quickly as possible (include detail such as your phone number, billing address).We pride ourselves on the quality of our support pages, before you contact us please pop your question in the search bar - most of the time we'll have the answer you need.

If your question requires that someone looks at your account (e.g.

can make money from premium phone numbers (those are the 0870, 0871 prefixes and numbers like that)?

If you’ve got expert knowledge in something or you’re just very good at listening, it could be a way for you to make serious cash.

The Phone-paid Services Authority regulates 09 numbers that have a service charge of more than 7p per minute or 7p per call, as well as all 09 numbers used for chatlines, adult services and internet dialers.

Their website can identify premium rate numbers and advise further on costs.

Customer First is the first point of contact for social services in Suffolk.