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It also asks for info on how you know your wingman. Maybe you shouldn’t be on this app if you choose the latter.

If you try to scroll alone, it’ll instruct you to find a friend to do the hunting.If all goes well, the two of you can continue the friendship while also pursuing a romantic relationship together.However, if the relationship goes south, you may be down a partner and friend — double whammy.Think of it as a digital matchmaker where other people get to talk you up, then send you potential mates they approve.The app’s creator is a London-based woman who wanted to create an easy way for friends to recommend dates.Here are some things to consider when thinking about going from BFF to SO.

This is one of the obvious risks of dating a good friend.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide if it is worth the risk.

As Ashley Drayton from Georgia State University put it, “Losing a friend if the relationship doesn’t work is my personal fear, however, if the connection is mutual and you both feel like taking that step…the relationship could be amazing and could even turn into marriage.” If the person you are developing feelings for is a close friend, they most likely know everything about you.

While this can be a total pro, it can easily become a con as feelings grow stronger.

If he or she knows about all of your past relationships, it can become a topic of jealousy.

So is the trend toward intimate friendships between single men and women a good thing? If you haven't read my previous articles on biblical dating, you'll be helped in thinking through this issue by reading "Biblical Dating: How It's Different From Modern Dating." Based on some of the principles found there, let me offer a couple of practical reasons why I believe such friendships to be generally unwise, and then I'll suggest a positive role for friendship among singles in the Christian community.